Noorein Kapoor Design

Noorein is a friend and was our interior designer. Considering we wanted something very minimalistic and warm with something that we don’t get bored looking at. After understanding us entirely, Noorein not only got the design and look together but made our house feel like a home.

– Shereen and Siddharth Bharwani.

Let’s face it, finding the right interior designer for your home renovation project is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. It IS a make-or-break decision!  When we decided to go with Noorein Kapoor, we chose someone who doesn’t look at her work as just one more job, or one more client.  She actually listens, doesn’t try and force her ideas down your throat, and collaborates.  There is a great deal of expertise required, which she and the team are equipped with and more, but it’s so much better when it flows through organically with the clients wishes and needs, rather than a one-way street.   There will always be certain points of debate and disagreement, however one of the key features of this alliance was the underlying respect that existed in all forms of communication throughout the project. Creating our home with Noorein was an exceptional experience, as we worked pretty seamlessly together, she never turned down or discouraged a “new” thought or a sudden call saying “I need this” no matter how it could derail the project.  Always willing to listen and accommodate, extremely creative, tenacious and always, always showed up.  We went to the lengths and breadths of the city…and beyond. To give you an example, she called me from a store in Goa as she saw some baskets that she knew I would love and she brought them back for me.  The fact that we are friends beyond this project is a testament …
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– Bhavna Faizullabhoy 

Noorein is someone who I knew of  before I got married. She did up mine and Bharat’s first apartment and she’s someone who I immediately took to and while doing up the place we both developed a good bond with each other. She immediately understood what I liked and disliked, and how my house should look. Over the years, any space that I want to redo or change the interiors of, Noorein would be my go to girl and she was always up for doing something exciting and creative. It’s been great fun working with her. Noorein is someone who Bharat and I trust blindly. She has always done up our house and she’s fabulous at her job. Whether it’s a nursery, living room or bedroom she’s great at it and the best part about her is that she adapts according to the client, she immediately understands the client’s likes and dislikes and caters according to the client’s choice of color palette and design. I think Noorein is someone who has great potential and I think she’s on her way to becoming one of the great interior designers that we have today.

– Esha Deol

Since the day I first met Noorein & her team, we connected instantly. We had same aesthetics. NKD created project Savior a masterpiece. Working with NKD was delightfully easy. From the first meeting with them it was clear that they were able to listen to my ideas and then come up with ideas to compliment and improve on mine. Noorein has the gift of not being pushy and is super responsive. We worked together on planning every room before she put together the design concept, once agreed, they started work. We needed someone who not only had vision and design skills but also someone who could project manage. Noorein handled absolutely everything – from the initial layout plans and design, coordinating, soft furnishings and finishing touches. She has a great eye for detail, is able to visualize spaces and is highly creative. She was incredibly organized, responsive and flexible to our ever-changing demands…. 
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– Bhumika Kamran Khan

Our association with Noorein goes back when she started her career and did our son’s room. Post that we couldn’t phantom shortlisting any other interior designer to even consider when we moved into our new pad.
Not only for her creative ideas, which are of course unmatched, but also for her instant troubleshooting skills. She has solutions to every mishap.
She is our interior doctor.
From personally touring with us for shortlisting décor to site visits regularly and giving us constant insights to new trends and incorporating our choices and views along with hers, she has been our guiding angel through this process.
Our house has been appreciated by everyone who visits, all thanks to Noor & Team NKD!

– Jumana Ali Dalal

Noorein is innovative and driven. She brings a wealth of input about the latest trends and finishes and her team and vendors are just as good. We were able to incorporate multiple styles, changes and finishes in our home. She doesn’t shy away from giving her input to the client or the work force and balances both parties and expectations impeccably. She built us a home and we can’t wait to see the day her hard work and talent are recognized everywhere. We started with a client and designer relationship but by the end we would happily call her a friend.

– Krutika & Karan Mehta

When I asked Noorein to transform our work space I already had an idea of how interactive and good the team was having had several recommendations from friends and colleagues alike. But to be honest the excellence with which it was executed ,the renovations and transformation was absolutely fabulous. Mindful of every ask and want they kept their eye on every single detail despite the massive amount of decisions one had to make .They somehow intuitively picked up the concept and design angle we were going for but somehow delivered it even better. The work ,execution and end result was seamlessly done from inception to the finish line without the usual breaks , hiccups and problems faced during construction and remodeling done. Being a work space the contingent was the time frame,and to have the finished product well within it ,was a great sense of relief and delight. The space is so much more comfortable and functional.
I would highly recommend them as someone with a trained eye and a work ethos that would totally work for any clientele. They certainly set the bar high on trust ,reliability and a fabulous aesthetic sense.

– Parizad and Navroze Marshall